St George are Champions, Dire Dawa deflate Fail

St George are Champions, Dire Dawa deflate Fail

St George have won the BetKing Ethiopia Premier League title for the 2021/22 season after beating Addis Ababa City 4-0

A win would have been enough but they wanted an emphatic win and they produced it at the Bahir Dar International Stadium Friday.

Two goals each from Ismail Ouro-Agoro and Amanuel Gebremichael did the damage.

Defending Champions, Fasil had been imperious over the last 9 games hence the power of their title charge but today they imploded.

Dire Dawa needed a win to survive relegation and they beat Fasil 3-2 to not only achieve their goals but in the process derailed Fasil's ambition

It wouldn't have mattered if Fasil won as that would not have denied St George

The "Horsemen" from Addis Ababa will head back with their cavalry to a parade but more, they have now confirmed the relegation of neighbors, Addis Ababa City.

This game probably proved that St George's struggles late in the campaign owed maybe to the injury enforced absence of Agoro.

The Togolese Striker was on song and Amanuel Grebremichael was the conductor and executioner.

Agoro struck in the 17th minute, goal packed by Gatoch Panom.

Agoro was then fouled in the box, and he would dust himself up to dispatch for 2-0

Amanuel will produce the moment of the game on 88 minutes, weaving his way from the centre circle with 5 defenders unsure whether to retreat or attack him

He unleashed a drive from all of 25 yards to beat Daniel Teshome in goal for Addis Ababa

Amanuel would cap a virtuoso performance with his brace and a 4th goal for St George in the 90th minute.

Richmond Adongo had a few chances to win the top scorers award outright but was denied by first, St George's Ugandan Keeper, Charles Lukeago and the upright, the  second time.