Meet Ethiopia's new Kid on the block, Yosef Tarekegn

Meet Ethiopia's new Kid on the block, Yosef Tarekegn
He is the new headline maker these days on Betking Ethiopian Premier League. The box office attraction but he is very young but by taking precisely the chances given by his coach he has shown his capacity on the league matches. He is Adama City Striker, Yosef Tarekegn
Yosef is a talented youngster who had only participated in 5 league matches before the league paused for the Afcon 2023 Qualifiers fixtures in March, but he has scored on both of his team's last two matchesand his goals were decisive.  
The pivotal moment for him was the week 16 match against Fasil City when he scored two late goals that earned Adama a memorable victory over Fasil, and that was vintage Yosef Tarekegn.
Thereafter, former Ethiopia National Coach Wubetu Abate included him in his 23 Man list for the matches against Guinea, and he came on as a substitute in both matches.
Yosef was delighted with his breakthrough with the Walyas:
"I had a very good run out with team. I experienced an unforgettable time on my first call up for the national team. I have hope in my future, so being only a team member gives me great happiness."
When he asked if he had looked forward to the call up to the national team, he said no. "I didn't expect it, because I had only played a few matches and my experience was low, so I didn't expect that I'll be on squad."
Yosef remembers the moment when he found out he had been called up. 
"I heard it from media, and immediately I picked my phone, and I called my father and my mother.Then I called Coach Afework Kebede and Fiker Yilak,  both of whom were my coach and assistant coach when I was at Adama Kenema U-17 team."
He thanks Coach Wubetu Abate for his trust and confidence. He said Wubetu told him he must believe in his capacity, and he had good future for Club and Country. Also, wubetu advised him on which things he must improve. Yosef had no words to give thanks for the national team's coach.
This Youngster has showed his big impact on the pitch on the premier league matches he has featured this season. He was on Adams's teams squad last year but didn't get a chance to play. 
"I got a chance of play after Coach Yitagesu  was hired on this position. I was on starting line up on two matches and subsequently, I came up from the bench in three matches. "
Yosef announced himself to the League defenders in that Fasil fixture. Fasil was leading by 1 - 0 up to the 80th minute before he scored two late goals which earned Adama all 3 points.
"That match was my best. I am happy with our win. In my nature,  i didn't fear because I have grown up playing with much older players, so I wasn't afraid of going up against the stars of Fasil."
"I did think about the game a lot in the days and minutes before the game but once the game was underway, there was no fear factor."
"There will be only three outcomes from the match win, draw or lose. So, I played hard, and also,  our fans gave me a lot of lift during the match. I think i performed well. I told myself that match was my chance to show who I was, what I can do, and I needed to take my chances, maybe I probably wouldn't get that chance on other day."
Yosef added "I gave my all on the pitch and after I scored against Fasil City, I was very happy, and I believe that I definitely used my opportunity."
Yosef has set his sights on making a mark in the League and increasing his chances with the national team.
He hopes to continue to impress the new national Coaches and hopefully earn another call up so he can also get on the scoresheet for his country. 
He has always dreamt about being able to show his talent to the biggest clubs and scouts, but his priority is to use his country's national team, Walyas.
He always hoped to one day make it to the national team, maybe in 3 years' time but never in his wildest dreams did he think it will happen so soon.
"Playing for the national team is a dream of all footballers so this very early call up amazed me."
Adama City fans hold a special place on this talented youngster's veins. They are with him by giving appreciation since he was on U-17 team. Yosef describes all fans of adama as"Number One."
In the Betking Ethiopian Premier, there are a lot of talented young players on each team. If Coach's give them a chance as Yiitagesu gives for Yosef maybe, they'll perform more than expected. Yosef had his say on if teams watch on their young players.
"Football fortunes can change within a second, whether you will be successful or not depends on how you use the minutes you are afforded, and I will work hard to justify or open future opportunities in next matches." 
"There are 10 matches left in the league. If i got a chance of play, I'll score goals. I'll try to improve on how I have performed so far."
"I hope that what I have been able to achieve will open the door for other young players. Every young player needs help to get their break. 
However,  they must work hard. in my opinion clubs must work on young player by giving much attention. So, i want to play abroad and be an example and role model for other players."
Adama Kenema was struggling to show consistent performance, but they have found a bit of good fortunes of late, and Yosef has been a bright light for their season.
Yosef highlights why they struggled earlier on this season.
"Our big problem was that we hadn't an experienced team. The youngster will put an impact when he is playing with experienced players."
"We didn't have a difference on ability our difference is only experienced. this season is our first on the league we would make a big impact if we lined up with these senior players but the gap is arised from the process. For tomorow when we have an experience, we'll make adama kenema a big team."
Yosef asked if he wants to play for othe club on the league. " On this time i know that i'm Adama Kenema's player and i didn't want to play for another team. i'm happy as an adama kenema player. i'm ready to give more service and to be more and more performer on my beloved team's Jersey."
Yosef is a huge fan 20 times Premier League champions, Manchester united. 
His role model is the five times ballond'or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. He also has local heroes in Ethiopia, and he picks, Ethiopia International and Adama Striker, Dawa Hotessa.
"I'm a big fan of Dawa Hotessa. I have also been inspired by veteran strikers,  Salhadin Seid and Getaneh Kebede but I had a chance to train with Hotessa and I know him more because of this I selected him."
"I want to be like Abubeker Nasir even if am fan of Dawa Hotessa. Abubeker is not physically presence but he has a good ability, and his techniques are very special, also his scoring capacity is big. I want to take all this from him."
Yosef had a great encouragement from his family. They always attended his matches when he was in U-17 team. Now, they can't attend at stadiums but watch him on DStv from their home. 
Yosef appreciates the support of his U-17 coaches Afework Kebede and Fiker Yilak as well as Adama City Chairman,  Anbessie Megersa.
"I had a lot of problems. My behavior was not good and sometimes,  I had disagreements with the coaches and they wanted me to leave,  but Anbessie  will prevail on the coaches to keep me in the club. He repeatedly said to that I will make the national team soon."
"I want to give him thanks for this. This was both during my spell with the Adama  U-17 and senior teams. I hope I can repay his trust by staying here for a long time.