League Sanctions for Kassahun, Dire Dawa, Sidama, Hawassa

League Sanctions for Kassahun, Dire Dawa, Sidama, Hawassa

Betking Ethiopian Premier League's leadership and Competitions committee has pronounced Sanctions and punishments following the completion of week 4 matches in Bahir Dar.

The Committee met Saturday and examined referee and independent observer reports.

A total of  46 players and team managers were reprimanded with yellow cards, and one player was sent off for a second yellow card.

The Players affected by the sanctions include Eneyew Kasahun of Dire Dawa City who received a red card for committing a second yellow card offense and was removed from the field of play. 

Eneyew  was suspended for 1 game and was also indicated for spitting on an opponent. In addition, the offense carries a  6-game sanction according to the EFE disciplinary guidelines.  

However,  it was commuted to be suspended sanction and ordered to pay 3000 Birr (three thousand.) 

Henok Ayele  of Ethio Electric was voted  for wearing clothes with a religious message under his shirt during the game.  He was fined  to pay Rs.

 In the cases against  the clubs, Hawassa City, Dredawa City and Sidama Buna had more than five players of their clubs carded for various offenses and each of them were fined of Birr 5000 (Five thousand)according to the disciplinary guidelines of the EFE.  

It was also  reported that a fan of Bahir Dar City Football Club wearing the club's logo jumped onto the field during a game and started a riot.

Therefore, the fans were fined Birr 50,000 (fifty thousand) for  their indiscretions.  In accordance with the same instructions, an additional fine was imposed of a furtherBirr 25000(twenty five thousand) bringing the total penalty to   Birr 75000 (seventy five thousand).

It wasn't all doom and gloom, as the week showed some interesting stats, from the 8 games were  played in week 4, producing 6 wins and loses with 2 of the games ending in a draw. 

The games also saw 18 goals scored by 14 Players.

Photo Credit - Mussie Girmay/VandykeSports - Eneyew Kasahun - Dire Dawa City

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