Henok Ayele provides the spark for Ethio Electric

Henok Ayele provides the spark for Ethio Electric

Henok Ayele is one of the true Stars of the BetKing Ethiopia Premier League, a truly accomplished journeyman, having played for Southern Police, Adama City, Sidama Buna and Dire Dawa City but these days, he is making headlines with newcomers, Ethio Electric.

Ayele has started the season by scoring goals for his new team .

"I think life is good at Ethio Electric. We are off to a good start and most things are good so far. We held our pre-season at Adama city and then we entered the competition after testing ourselves well in the City Cup and friendly games. Our start in Bahadar is not bad. We are improving from game to game."

"Coach Kefle Boltena is a coach with extensive experience in Ethiopian football. We had a chance to work together in the past, but it failed due to some reasons. The practice that he given to us is described as very cool."

Ayele has recovered from a long battle with injuries, and he takes us on his adventures

"I started playing football in the neighborhood. I was trained by coach Tesfaye in the youth team of Marie Stopes. Coach Tesfaye loves football very much. He taught us good things in our childhood."

"When I left Mari Setops, I trained with the under-17 team under coach Kasahun Leranko, a former player from Hawassa City. I think I got better under him."

"The first time I played at the club level was in the South Ethiopian Teachers College team that was participating in the Ethiopian Club Championship. After that I joined South Police fc, subsequently I had a good time at Adama City."

Henock looks back at the teams he has played for and selects the one with the fondest memories:

"The club I had a great time with was South Police . I believe I had a good season with the team in 2018/19. I joined after a long knee injury in 2018/19. I scored a lot of goals that year.

'Other than that, I think my time at Diredawa last year was good. I also had a great time at Adama City and Sidama Coffee."

Ayele was a key factor for Dire Dawa City last season, playing a starring role in their premier league survival but in the summer transfer window he left for Ethio Electric.

He explained his decision to leave Dire Dawa City:

"It's normal to move from one club to another in football. As I told you, I had a good time in Dire Dawa City, even when I didn't have much chance to train, especially when I was scoring goals in the minutes given to me at the end. So, after coach Jordan Abai came to the team, I think he left me because he thought that I wouldn't play for him."

Henok also took time to scan through the teams he has featured for in his career to identify the one Player that left the most impression for him.

"There are many great players with great skills. But if you choose just one, Yared Znabu, who I played with in Adama City, is the best player for me. He is an average defensive player, but there are many balls that I have made. He is a player who can play more than you can tell."

He also speaks about the toughest defender to play against.

"I think the defender who tested me the most was Alex Tessema. He was in defense. He's physical appearance is not huge, but he is a player who plays with his head. Alex is the best defender for me."

He also added the best goalkeeper he faced.

"At the level of the goalkeeper, I would like to mention Sissy. He has saved many balls for me, and I have seen him in other games. He is a wonderful goalkeeper."

Henock has one superstition before his matches .

"I hear in the other world that players do something special before a game, I don't think it's at that level, but I always pray before a game."

His best attribute as a striker is scoring goals and that is what gives him special feelings.

" Wow!! Scoring a goal has a different feeling. It's a pleasant feeling. My friends who knew me at the time often tell me that I was a good defender when I was a youth player.

"I used to shoot the ball away from the attackers. But that's very different from scoring goals for me as a striker. You score a goal and judge."

"When I don't score a goal, I can complain as a striker, but since football is a team effort, if I assist my teammates, when our team scores a goal, or if I somehow cause a goal to be scored, I feel like scored."

He also recalled his saddest moments when he was injured for long time which almost cost him his career.

"I was injured for the first time in 2010/11 Season. I was in Adama City. It was the year I left the South Police. It was my youth football days."

"I was only focused on playing, running, playing. I was playing on the field in Adama City. But because I didn't treat that thing permanently, I ended up getting hurt again. Then after a year, I gave the service to Sidama Coffee. I had a good time in Sidama and returned to Adama city. When I returned to Adama, he led the team in some games. Then I had an operation and for a few years I was completely away from football and my leg hurt."

"Then, around April 2017/18, I joined the Southern Police after spending time at Dila Kenema, which was headed by Gebrechristos Birara. After that I will be playing in the league with good performance."

The striker hopes his form brings him good fortune with the Ethiopian national team and hopes to be selected.

"If I work hard and show better things, I don't think there's any reason why I won't be called. It's the coach's decision. "

Henok married before some months ago and he reflects on his life before and after marriage.

"Life before and after marriage is very different. My wife's name is Bethlehem Asfaw. We got married after spending many years as friends. God helped us to enter this holy world of marriage. She is a good woman with a very good heart."