Fasil, Wolaitta Dicha end goalless in Hawassa

Fasil, Wolaitta Dicha end goalless in Hawassa

The much anticipated top-of -the -table clash between league leaders, Wolaitta Dicha and defending champions and second placed, Fasil Kenema lived up to the hype in terms of the football but both sides failed to produce any goals as it ended goalless as did the second game between Wolkite and

There is no movement at the top as Wolaitta Dicha on top and Fasil are in second and live to fight another day.

Fasil had some early chances through a second minute freekick by captain, Amsalu Tilahun that was dealt with by the Keeper and defence.

Amsalu had another crack at goal later in the game but his shot was definitely wayward.

It was a sign of Fasil's dominance and wasted chances by Bereket Desta but apart from two other efforts by Wolaitta, they mostly focused on containment.

Fasil were then saved by some Wolaitta dicha counter attack by the agile Michel Samake in goal.

Bezabh Melayu almost got on the score sheet just before the break but his interplay with Okiki Afolabi who started produced a fine layoff for him but Melayu skied the ball.

Afolabi amd Melayu combined again in the 82nd minute and they thought they had the goal after getting the ball in the net but the Referee thought otherwise signalling a handball by Melayu.

It finished 0-0 also between Wolkite and Arbaminch City.

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